Washington State Healthcare Reform


We all know that Washington State healthcare is changing.

But the big questions is “how” and “when.” A nationwide survey taken last month shows only 12% of all adults feel they understand health reform and its impacts. We wanted to make a educational video that will help all Washington residents better understand the upcoming implementation and how they can prepair. We want to make Washington State Healthcare Reform and Health Care changes as easy to understand as possible. With over 12,000 pages of legislation, it is easy to get lost in the details. Find the facts without the political argument. Please pass this video on to help your friends and family better understand the PPACA or the better known Obamacare. Here are some additional facts to help you with Washington State healthcare reform.

Washington Health Plan Finder


What to know about Obamacare or the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Here are some simple facts that will help you decide the best available options.

  • Help with premiums and out-of-pocket expenses will be available through the Health Insurance Marketplaces.
  • If you qualify for federal financial assistance (subsidies), you can get it only when you buy coverage through the Marketplaces.
  • Assistance will be on a sliding scale, based on income and family size. To see if you qualify for help, you can use a calculator in the Marketplaces during open enrollment.

Washington Health Benefit Exchange or sometimes called “exchange”, is a state-run markets place where you can shop, compare, and buy health care coverage.

  • You can buy coverage through the Marketplace beginning October 2013. The coverage may start no sooner than January 1, 2014.
  • You can choose a plan based on price, benefits, quality, and other features that are important to you.

Levels of Coverage are decided by you.

  • The Washington Health Beanefit Exchange will have several different levels of coverage offered by insurers. You can choose among the plans according to your personal situation and needs.
  • All plans will offer the same essential health benefits (such as doctor visits, hospital care, prescriptions, and maternity care), and include certain preventive services at no cost.
  • All plans in the Marketplaces will be grouped into four levels of coverage — Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum — referred to as Metal plans. These categories were set up by the federal government to make it easier for people to compare plans offered by different insurance companies. Bronze plans, for example, generally would offer lower premiums but higher copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles than plans in the other levels. Platinum plans, on the other hand, would generally have higher premiums but lower out-of-pocket costs for deductibles, coinsurance, and copays.
  • If you qualify, you will have the additional option of a high-deductible plan with low premiums.